It’s always helpful to be super clear about what we are trying to do, and why. Here is the list of exactly what we are hoping to provide, if we are able to raise the funds.

Your donations will help provide:

  • Up to five brand new BabyLeo incubators. These will provide enhanced facilities for the babies, greater access for cuddles and feeding for the parents and clinical staff, enhanced information for parents, as well as adjustable lighting, temperature, and the use of recorded sounds.
  • Update June 2020 – thanks to generous support from our local community, Morrisons, and The Peter Harrison Foundation we have raised the funds for three of the five incubators we hope to fund. Two more to go!  £23,000 each.
  • Enhancements to every cot space for mums and partners: With your help we will provide additional breast pumps and a specialist reclining chair for feeding, for every mum in the unit. This matters, because mums wont have to wait for equipment to be available, and the specialist chairs will enhance the comfort of both mothers, and partners at what can be an incredibly stressful time. Cost c£50,000.
  • Enhancing the overnight rooms: The neonatal unit has two new overnight rooms for families who need to stay overnight. Once we’ve raised the funds for the incubators and enhanced facilities in cot spaces, our ambition is to help transform the new overnight rooms (similar to what we are now doing in the family room). To help create a room which feels less ‘hospitally’. Cost £TBC.




Already happening thanks to our local community supporting Olive’s Appeal

  • A brand new family room for parents in the unit. A calming room just for them, to step away from the clinical environment for a moment of peace and rest. This will go far beyond a basic hospital room, and create a space which feels like a real respite for the grownups. More details here.
  • Artwork / theming throughout the unit. We have funded professionally designed and installed rainforest theming through the whole unit. This replaces bare white walls, and helps create areas with distinct identities, a calming soothing environment, which feels different to many clinical areas in hospitals.  In April 2020 we were delighted to confirm funding for this from Olive’s Appeal.